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METROmar came forth on 1999 as the Nautical Division of METROPOLIS INSURANCES.

Amidst the insurance branch, the nautical world is one of the most complexes due to accurate technical specialization it requires. The analysis of the nautical world by that time and the service that was offered by the insurance companies, drove us to seriously plan to apply our company effort on this sector, and specially to the sportive nautical.

The Metropolis Seguros functional structure, which with a classic profile worked and works with mediators both from internal and external net, prefer at that moment to create a direct channel with the client to offer its insurers a better service. Therefore the “Centro Operativo de Seguros Marinos” (Operative Center of  Maritime Insurances) was created. Therein the specialized staff in nautical matters, receive and carry out the insurance applications, the sinister and the administrative area of the policies.

The direct business, via phone or internet, represents isolation between the solicitor of a service and the company that aids it. This fact drove us to attempt from the very beginning that, being loyal to our initial concepts, we should be near to the late consumer, so our clients receive the company contact several times on the year and they can accede, avoiding the phone barrier, directly to our personnel. Our staff also attends regularly fairs and nautical expositions.  For all the aforementioned facts, being loyal to METROPOLIS SEGUROS insurance traditions, within METROmar we like to caress our customers, since they actually are our reason to exist.
We are conscious above all we receive in this sector and therefore we want to offer our best effort, not only on the insurer behalf, but also to favour the development of the nautical activity in our country, reason why we have actively participated from the very beginning of the nautical salons, in sail-boat races, fishing contests, conferences, radio programmes and several other activities organized by and for the nautical world.
We have never doubted it, with METROmar our clients feel sure in the SEA.

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