Vessel insurance FAQ

1. What type of vessels can I insure at METROmar?

You can insure leisure or sports vessels, these being understood to be floating objects to be used for recreational boating and sports activities, engine-propelled, including ski jets, as well as those without engines and that are longer than six metres.

2. What navigation area is covered?

Coverage under the insurance extends to any claim incidents occurring in the waters off the coast of Spain and/or Portugal and/or the Mediterranean Sea and/or France as far as Calais, and the miles declared in these Specific Terms and Conditions, including passages between the Iberian mainland and the Canary Islands.

Navigation in reservoirs and rivers shall be limited to the territory of Spain.

In all cases, the vessel’s insured navigation area shall be limited to the usual area authorized by the regulations and/or competent authorities for a vessel of its class if this area is more reduced.

3. Can accident cover be contracted?

Our policies include accident cover with the benefit of compensation for bodily injury occurring to the policyholder and any insured party when transported free of charge with their authorization and consent while on board the vessel or when boarding or landing, regardless of whether or not they are family members.

4. In the case of an incident, what are the steps to follow?

Call METROmar on 900 100 390 for the steps to follow, or send an email to with the following documents:

  • Policy No.
  • Claim date
  • Description of the cause of the damages
  • Location of incident
  • Contact (name and telephone)

If necessary, you may also call Maritime Rescue on +34 900 202 202.

5. Do METROmar vessel insurance policies cover civil liability in the case of collisions with third parties?

Our insurance policies, complying with the Royal Decree 607/1999, of the 16th of April, by which the Compulsory civil liability insurance regulation for leisure or sports vessels is approved, have the minimum aim of covering the extra-contractual civil liability in which the owners of the leisure or sports vessel, the people who are correctly authorised by the owner to skipper them, as well as others who second them in their governance and the water-skiers that might be towed along by the vessel may incur, for the material damage and personal injuries that might be a consequence of them, in the case of fault of neglect, caused to third parties, ports or marinas as a result of collision, boarding and in general, by the other facts derived from the use of the vessels in Spanish maritime waters, as well as by the water-skiers and objects that are towed in the sea.

These guarantees are extended to cover the auxiliary vessel that the insured vessel has, when it navigates independent of the main vessel and is expressly identified in the Policy’s Particular Conditions, whenever the engine power of the aforementioned auxiliary vessel is no greater than 8 Kw or its length does not exceed 4 metres.

6. Can I insure the vessel if it is used for rental to third parties?

We have a specific insurance policy for sports or leisure vessels that are used for the profit-making purposes, that is to say, those on the sixth list.

7. Are there any benefits if I do not make any incident claims?

When no claims have been filed during the year, all METROmar policies with coverage for damages are entitled to a refund of 20% of the premium paid. If the policy includes third-party cover plus accidents and the net premium is over €150, the refund shall be 10%.

This refund shall always be paid when the policy is extended.

8. Do METROmar’s insurance policies cover the participation in regattas and / or sporting events?

We insure pleasure craft that participate in regattas and fishing competitions.

9. Do METROmar’s insurance policies include maritime assistance?

Yes. Towing expenses can be contracted in our insurance policies. In the case of breakdown, the company will be responsible for all the expenses caused by the towing of the aforementioned vessel to the nearest port or marina to the place where the breakdown occurred, with the limit agreed upon in the policy.

10. And is wreck removal also included?

Wreck removal is included in the policy when damage cover is contracted up to a maximum of 10% of the insured amount for the hull/machinery. The maximum established may also be voluntarily extended.

Wreck removal may also be contracted in Compulsory Civil Liability policies.